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I am excited because my old squad leader has found this web page and contacted me and Daniel Murphy from the great 10th MTN who was in Cco. I thought I would share what Murphy email me the other day.
I understand how you feel with regards to the rangers. It really bothered me at first, but then I just realized that I know what I did over there, and I know that I (1-22 Inf) did it better than any other unit and I should be proud to say that we didn't lose anyone. It means that we did our jobs better, to a higher standard. Not that we didn't see any action. As for the firefight they got into, I think Al Queda or someone finally rallied the troops against us. We saw the beginning of all that shit. You remember the last two weeks in country, always on the defensive. Indirect fire here, snipes there. I remember one night sometime around when the 4 MP's got wasted in the hummer when we were close to going home. Cco was back at university as QRF, and the rest of 1/22 was at hunter, i think, anyway we were getting hit with mortars or indirect, and i remember watching where you guys were (it was downhill from university). You guys were getting hit too, with direct even as well. I think that was just as bad. Point being, those guys will always get all the glory. that is the way it is. I am actually proud to have served with the 10th. Here's a little story for you. One day a few years ago, my dad was telling me that a friend of his (who was retired military) asked what unit i served with. My dad told him that i was with 10th. The gentleman told my dad that he should be proud because the 10th was the finest unit in the army then. My dad of course agreed, and the gentleman said, "man, they go everywhere." So keep your head up and wear that combat patch proudly when you receive your commission.


For The Best Reference I have found yet on details on what we did in Somalia got to  This is a piece written my Maj John Evans and it is great with some really good pictures and accounts.