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Here are just a few of the pictures I took while we were in Somalia.

Motor Pool at Merka

View of compound in right outside of Merka from our baracks

A view of our compound in Merka from a make-shift weapons range.

Somalian workers unloading grain from ships in the port of Merka

Our interpreter in Merka.

The Port of Merka.

View from a BlackHawk

Picture of PFC Horne in full combat load as an RTO

Inside view of a BlackHawk.

A view of a BlackHawk from a BlackHack right before a mission

A cache of weapons we found on a mission to take out Aidide's radio retrans site

Just a damn big helicopter.

Celebrating right after the radio retrans mission

RTO PFC Horne and Lt Benitez

Can you believe that at one time these plans of the Abdi house were top secret?

Our company XO talking with a soldier in Hunter Base.

A picture taken from the door of a 747 as we are loading up to go home.

A plaque we gave one of our Sgt's before he ETS'ed home.

Our Company Commander talking with a reporter after the A-4, Radio Retrans Site mission

Our handmade basketball goal at the University in Mogadishu